Olive Wood 4 Light

Olive Wood 4 Light


Live-edge olive wood light fixtures provide the perfect artistic centerpiece when you want your interior to really make a statement.  Finish your space with something truly unique that you will not see anywhere else.  Whilst the Olive Wood 4 Light pictured is already adorning someone else’s home, you can have one similar.

Your Olive Wood 4 Light will be approximately 11-15” in diameter with the lowest bulb hanging around 24” from the ceiling and 40 watt Edison bulbs included.

*Lead time is around 4 weeks

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Jennilyn, Jan 2015

The piece is exactly as we envisioned it to be. It looks perfect in its new home. Everyone who has visited as commented how unique awesome it is.

George, Jan 2019

Thank you for making this piece for me, it is amazing! The client loves the clean straight lines of the rods and the color and variation of the olive wood is stunning. I will be back looking for other lighting solutions for clients in the future!

Mark, Jan 2014

I loved everything about my order. I especially loved with communication that was provided. If you email these folks, they get back to you in a very short amount of time. If you disappear and don't email them for a week, well, when you do contact them, they get right back to you with the same kindness and expediency as before. They went above and beyond with the customized order. They somehow knew exactly what I wanted and when I made annoying request and changes, they were more than happy to fulfill any and all requests. I really don't think it's possible to get better all around service than what was provided. Shipping was super fast. Paul was beyond awesome. Thanks guys. Will be in touch for more things soon.

Kathleen, Mar 2014

Paul was great to work with and helped me find a needed custom lighting solution. Very timely and friendly!! Highly recommend