7M Woodworking & Lighting

By Paul Miller

I believe in the natural, unmanufactured beauty of objects. So I create pieces that frame and focus that natural beauty.

- Paul Miller, Founder



7M Woodworking

‘7M’ represents more than a simple selection of letters and digits. The name has Paul Miller etched into it – literally. The clever marking is an artistic interpretation of Paul’s signature, incorporating his whimsical yet composed signature style. 7M Woodworking is based in Chicago and uses reclaimed, recycled and refurbished wood from across the Midwest. The company regularly revisits Miller's roots in Ohio by deconstructing older barns and using the materials to construct masterpieces. 7M Woodworking fosters a combination of rustic, modern and organic styles while maintaining functionality.

Paul Miller

Paul was born in Ohio. Upon finding himself in Chicago after college, he made the commitment to forge his way ahead in the woodworking world, and subsequently embarked upon a journey that would last a lifetime. One look at him and you will understand that not only was he made for woodworking, but woodworking was made for him. While woodworking began as a hobby for Paul, it quickly grew into an enthusiastic passion, fueling his path to success. Paul's one-of-a-kind pieces of art are carefully crafted and of the highest quality.  Paul believes that a home should be filled with personality and not just stuff. 


The Work

Beautiful handmade lighting pieces crafted to showcase the rustic look of reclaimed barn beams and the natural beauty of the live-edge wood.

Original creations that capture the beauty of reclaimed materials, using Paul's unique perspective to highlight each piece.

Sometimes a piece of material demands to become a work of art that goes beyond function.